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Street Style: Mad Hatter

By Francheska N. Quiñones

Within crowded streets saunters in the effortlessly cool of a man who needs no particular introduction.  Whereas his peculiar garment does the talking, he admixes a slight enigmatic piece that by its lonesome creates a suave gent feel to his whole persona.

Alas, Men’s Fashion Week arrived and with it a current of self-assured fellas in pristine clothing.  Menswear carries a slight easiness to the overall look, nothing is ever too complicated or over intricate.  With those factors being placed, males who strolled the lanes of fashion week gave into a quaint accessory.  Channeling back to the Rat Pack days, fellas opted for the casual cavalier panache that came with wearing a hat.  The boundless range of hues and designs gave way for an expression of individualism.  These gentlemen broke in a trend that partook these past months with a slight beanie obsession and made way for the Trilby Hats (majorly known as the Indiana Jones). 

Go on and explore the slight alluring feel a certain accessory can emit.  I assure you if it worked for Sinatra and the great Indiana Jones it shall work for you, Matte Man.

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