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Art Nook: Bizarritos

By Bianca Nieves

On January 30th, Mondo Bizarro was the perfect place to exhibit: “Bizarritos”, a grotesque, satirical, mind boggling and surely bizarre exhibition in which local artists were put to the test to pay tribute to the recognized 80’s trading cards: Garbage Pail Kids - not to be confused with the Cabbage Patch Kids.

These seemingly adorable, yet malformed, pieces of art that the chosen 48 artists created, effectively incorporated bits and pieces of Latin dark humor to the popular form of “lowbrow art”.

After analyzing every creation, the beholder definitely questioned the origins of our socials illnesses; all whilst having a crooked smiled on their face, because one way or another they recognized the truth behind the haunting grim of their favorite “kid”.

From “Pancha Plancha”, “ Don Chorrito”, “Tina Gasolina”, “Cholón Cabeza Tostón”“Timmy Tumores”, “Bichi Jangueo” and all the others, you could pin point the metaphors they instigated.

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