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BookLook: The Great Gatsby

By Bianca Nieves
1. “Her voice is full of money”: Zara heels; Elie Saab dress; Ryan Storer earrings   2. “New Year, Old Sport”:River Island blazer; Topshop bowtie; Burberry trousers; Allen Edmonds oxfords.

In Fitzgerald’s classic American novel, we find ourselves dancing through the Jazz Age and surrounded by everything that glimmers and shines. Dollar signs, excess and decadence are the main opulence all while the eyes of Doctor T. J. Eckleburg take everything in. Behind the stunning glimmer of this story lies discontent and deception.  As a love story, of sorts, the narrative of Gatsby’s misplaced veneration for Daisy Buchanan unfolds with all the tragic inevitability of an ancient drama. Through a series of extravagant parties and drunken flings, the lives of those in West Egg and East Egg overlap with dreadful consequences. Elegantly written, The Great Gatsby unveils the harsh nature of our inner most desires, because everybody has their own little green light at the edge of their horizon. 

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