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Street Style: Empire State of Mind

By Francheska N. Quiñones

As the prestigious New York Fashion Week ended, we saw a vast amount of ladies in expressive garments surviving the plush winter storm. The scenery was one depicted from a quaint snow globe, picturesque snow created an ivory hued setting as the vivid garments obtained the cameras’ attention.

With a lovely elixir of delicate blushes and vibrancy, the streets were filled with a wide range of exuberant personalities.  Jumpers made a grand appearance with the likeness of literacy.   As sayings were embroidered as the centerpiece of the whole look, these joyful lighthearted pieces were full of quirky flair.  Geometry certainly made its way in vogue, with  gingham, chunky stripes, fur coats in various shapes and endless sizes.  In spite of the color splash promenading along the avenues, the monochromatic way of minimalism made its way in true New York fashion. 

The dames of this restless city emerged in a grand style manifestation filled with an entrancing magnetism.  Will flamboyancy reign in London, Milan and Paris?  Stay tuned to find out!     

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