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Wish List: Valentine’s Day

by Francheska N. Quiñones 

A glistening euphoric melody saunters throughout the public’s lips.  It is the quaint feel of enjoyment when embracing those we love with detailed benefactions.   An expression of affection blooms within those who seek a certain fondness with the ones they cannot help but fancy.  Alas, Saint Valentine grants us a chance to risk our sentiments and place them in the hands of others.  For those who thrive for singularity, we chose our dearest picks that are sure to snag you a lovely kiss.

Words carry such strength when placed with tenderness; the lady behind SS Print Shop has created dazzling stationary with fun little sayings that create a personalized essence instilled in every letter.  When drinking a cup of coffee, it may often lead to a warm conversation; these intimately designed cups create a subtle bond between those who share moments of pleasure and depth.  Sweet caresses lay in the form of necklaces, Love is You and Me carry these delectable treats with February’s dulcet hues.  As for those who love the classic, what is a celebration if champagne and flowers are not on the menu?  Whilst barriers are being broken down and desirable intimacy is explored, this sensuous ensemble grants a visual treat for your lucky loved one as the pillow utters the faint words of the night.

May these delightful selections bring passionate embraces and pleasurable kisses this Valentine's Day.

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