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Art Nook: Charles Wilkins

by Bianca Nieves

This New York raised artistCharles Wilkins, has perfected the fusion between conventional artistic mediums and other technologies. Working on his collages for over 15 years, he has successfully developed that: personal expression is an integral part of the creative process.

Ever since 1994, his work mirrors the behavior of our daily media-filled lives and transforms these bits and pieces into new realities that are left to the viewer’s discretion.  Familiar imagery is deconstructed, turned around, decomposed and altered to manifest a whole new aesthetic that has been featured in various art and design magazines, and has also  been exhibited in the U.S and Australia. 

After hypnotically gazing upon plenty of his workWilkins changes our perspective of the present and adds a mysterious allure to what’s going to become of our future.  Leaving questions unanswered, opening doors to endless fields of possibilities and curiosity running wild through the halls of our subconscious.  

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