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Fililí and Mara Hoffman for NYFW

by Bianca Nieves

When Fashion Season is around we always tend to hear about the big shots and the must have forthcoming clothing trends, but in this past NYFW FW ’14  we paid  close attention  to the details; especially those that complemented and made a statement of their own in the Mara Hoffman’s runway. No, we’re not talking about the clashing prints of this outstanding collection, we’re gazing upon FiLiLí’ by Luiny Rivera new jewelry collection‘Tuareg”.

This Puerto Rican designer, currently based in New York City, offers a completely unique brand, in which geometric and tribal designs come to life in complete hand crafted harmony. Luiny Rivera’s journey started in 2003, eleven years later her creativity and passion are intact, and have led her to expand her knowledge as an independent artist and share what she has to offer in different areas of this ever growing field.
Up to this day that same unquenchable thirst to strive, combined with her impeachable, minimalistic statement pieces have forged a dream to come true and appear down the fanciful promenade that is: NYFW.  But don’t corner her jewelry to just Mara Hoffman-like garments. Anything amidst your closet will gain a carefree spirit and a sophisticated touch once you complete your ensemble with FiLiLí’s art worthy pieces. 

Be sure to pass by Luiny Rivera’s Instagram and Facebook page to learn more about this charming designer!
Photos by: Mónica Félix

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