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by Bianca Nieves

There’s just something about a whole week of British Invasion that we just can’t get enough of. Known for everything innovative and shock value worthy, this week was filled with collections that truly reflected the city’s gloomy feel, but lively citizens.

1- IssaEvery detail of this collection was well thought of. The vibrant prints meticulously combined with draping silhouettes were like art masterpieces strutting out of their frames and down the runway. Such elegant styling and mixture of fabrics and textures have granted visual pleasure to all of its on lookers.

2- Mother of PearlThis season the label collaborated with Richard Saja to portray a polished and completely wearable collection full of variety.  In the mix, you’ll find top notch styling where striped and floral like wall paper prints grace sporty silhouettes.

3- Vivienne Westwood Red LabelThe designer came out with a very British collection filled with nostalgia, but still in her design comfort zone.  The aesthetics were within the four sides of her box, in which the tailoring was filled with boxy coats and jackets that had a button war look, but flattering sculpted waist lines.

4- Markus LupferAnother designer that stuck to the full on British school gal look.  Overall, the collection was very youthful and quirky, where the skater dress silhouette took over perfect to pair with bomber jackets and slogan sweaters.

5- Barbara CasasolaConfidence echoed throughout the whole collection.  Experimenting in the field of day wear ensembles, Casasola started out with the right foot. Tapered suits, full skirts, deep neck lines and chiffon goodness were the key of this fanciful collection.

6- Termperley London:  Alice Temperley welcomed a whole new set of colors and prints full of fun and funkiness to this FW’14 collection. Such a fresh idea was decked in embellished prints and glamorous patterns where the blue and gray hues were the popping protagonists perfect to make a daring stance. Followed by some more subtle, folkloric looks paired with sheerness and floral details.

7- Mary KatrantzouWhere’s the digital print overload? Nowhere to be seen this time around, that’s for sure. For this FW’14 collection Katrantzou leaned towards a more raw and symbolic approach. Faultless embroidery, lace, and brocades were just some of the few elements of this perfectly planned, visual appealing chaos. We can’t wait to see how else this decadent designer will grow!

8- JosephIt seems that this year Joseph made an ode to the well-known British weather and portrayed in its collection its completely melancholic color palette. Every piece was perfect to deconstruct and mix and match to your current wardrobe. The knits, oversized silhouettes and leather garments galore made this RTW collection stand out.

9- Christopher Kane: Intricate playing with colors and shadows went down in this FW’14. Centered on expecting the unexpected, Kane came out strong with a whirlwind of fashion forward ideas. Pairing organza with leather, shocking green hues with black tones, adding a pink blush to tangled textures; a true genius!

10- ErdemTrue craftsmanship was shown in this Erdem FW’14 collection. Different eras and epochs clashed down the runway forming a completely edgy collection. It had a distinct allure, in which most of the looks seemed undone or incomplete, but that exact feel made the collection shine; whether with its mustard gold hues, black tulle ensembles or embroided details.

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