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Pedro Guilloty: Late Bloom S'14

by Francheska N. Quiñones

Within blank canvases a cultivated concealed talent was on the midst of being discovered.  Hallucinations of speculation began to take place at the Walter Otero Art Gallery.  Its stripped down walls gave an essence of commencement as guests began the presumed gesture of acknowledgement.  In its entity, only a selected portion of invites were able to witness the genesis of artistry.  As for Pedro Guilloty, the astral hued sky granted a faint light that sparked a leisurely “Late Bloom.

The event was immaculate in its appearance, the contrasting hues of white and the flawless floating of muted garments gave a slight etherial romance.  Women graced the walkway with a mélange of personas.  The show opened with a silk shined ivory dress that possessed a slight distinction from all the other garments.  The designer himself drew his known illustration as an adornment of his past to coexist with his current actuality.  The tea length dress remained dear to many as he wed his passion to it.  Architecture took shape of cascading fabric as soft dresses and interchangeable pieces sauntered the runway.  Moldable-like ruffles instilled the collection’s name “Late Bloom with subtlety in its movement.  The essence of idyllic hues granted a much more blithe atmosphere. 

The withering of fleurs were seen in coquettish attire with a raven transparent play, its meticulous placed fabric created a visual illusion with the model’s silhouette.  A very classique combination was seen in the extensive moonless paneled skirt with a much more refined (with a dash of sensuous appeal) white blouse.  During the show, the alteration of seasons were seen in color when pallid tones where exchanged for vibrancy.  Standing out on its own, Guilloty conducted a masterful sculpted metal infused bow that left onlookers astonished by its ingenuity. 

For Pedro Guilloty, to orchestrate a classic yet daring collection was all his wishful eyes could long for.  Breaking out of normality, he created spring induced designs when others are focused on fall’s sultry dusk.  This lovely collection gave a grand welcome to a new fabulous chapter for Guilloty that prevails in elegant allure.

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