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Unmasked: The VP Project

by Francheska N. Quiñones

Beneath a glistening nocturnal sky there laid a curious event full of perfectly consummate attendees.   A hip melodic flair exuded from Olive Hotel’s rustic rooftop bar as fizzling elixirs of intimacy were being poured in luxury glasses.  The continuous fleeting of acknowledgement between guests and the cachet of Veronika Pagán’s designer career filled the dim lighted ceremonial event.  Eyes were being met with Pagán’s venereal infused garments.  Their risqué detailing embodies the designer’s and her close acquaintances subtle panache of less is more.
As the eventide graced sun stroked skin, a projected illusion of The VP Project embodied a valse of “A day in the life of Veronika Pagán”.  Describing her inspirations for her achievements, an elite coup of commentators (such as Calma Carmona and Daniela Etchevers) ornamented the video boasting the designer with an endless adoration for the constructions (and her as an entity).  Scattered yelps of applaud commenced during pivotal presentations throughout the video.  Even Calma Carmona’s raspy influenced jazz vocals made an appearance when presenting a snippet of VP’s fashion show.  It was a gathering amongst confidants, the knowing smiles gave an essence of home when witnessing the interaction guests had with the video and the night’s affair.  A slight virtual intrigue generated the event’s main synthesis as the launch of her brand’s website reigned in curiosity.  
There is a lightness seen in Veronika’s designs, in them she places her blithe venturous spirit within intricate lace.  A consciousness of self discovery sauntered within the epicurean happening, as a creative persona bared its uninhibited voice in a perpetual form for spectators to relish in.  

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